I defy the readers of planet GNOME.

I defy you all! I will now post what I had for dinner last night! That’s right, this post is GNOME free! Technology free! Worst of all, it is MEAT FREE so bite me, carnivores! And to all who are offended by this picture, I say to you, your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries.

Potato patties with garbanzos and yoghurt.

27 Responses to “I defy the readers of planet GNOME.”

  1. David Schleef says:

    The lighting and white balance of this photo is below the standards of quality expected of a Planet Gnome post. Bad sri, no cookie.

  2. Frej Soya says:

    You made my day! Including a monty python reference! :)

  3. John says:

    That looks delicious, whats it called, and do you have a recipe?

  4. Well, you only mentioned GNOME like, at least two times. Nice GNOME marketing trick. Makes the post totally relevant too ;)

  5. Sayamindu says:

    Chole batora ??

  6. fraggle says:

    3072×2048? You might want to scale that image down a bit, bro.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the most important part: what do you call it and how do you make it?

  8. Jaime says:

    Excellent – I agree with your sentiments entirely, and… it looks delicious! Any chance of the recipe? (it looks like chick peas, tomato, coriander and naan).

  9. Carl Friedrich Bolz says:

    Whatever this is, it looks wonderfully delicous!

  10. Mike says:

    He he!

    (Looks tasty, too!)

  11. Davyd says:

    Sri! Sri! Sri!

  12. Geoff Youngs says:

    Defiance is meaningless: you still mentioned GNOME & technology & freeness.

    (This oversight will, of course, be forgiven if you post the recipe as well without reference to the terms used above…)

  13. Boghog says:

    Hah :p

  14. Adam says:

    Needs more recipe.
    That looks delicious.

  15. Max says:

    Heh, nice reductio ad absurdum analogy and monty python reference in the same post to make a point ;)

  16. Rob Bradford says:

    Hhm, that looks nice. What is it?

  17. Tim Lord says:

    That looks delicious; can you parse the ingredients for us? :)

    Garbanzos? Cilantro? Deep-fried potato patty?


  18. ken says:

    What, and no recipe? Closed-source food?!

  19. troll says:

    Leave and never come back, k thx bye.

  20. sri says:

    The recipe isn’t actually too hard.

    potato patties. I’m not very good with measurements as I rarely ever measure, just eyeball everything.


    * 4 medium potatoes boiled and mash.
    * 1/4 cup peas
    * 1 TB of ginger chopped fine
    * 1 teaspoon chilli powder (or to taste if you want it spicier)
    * 1 teaspoon green chillis coarsely chopped
    * 1/4C of flour

    * Combine everything above except the flour in a bowl
    * make patties about 1/2 – 1 inch thickness.
    * dust with flour on each side and set aside.
    * Heat pan (usually cast iron is pretty good) to medium high heat
    * add enough vegetable oil to pan to cover the surface with oil
    * fry the patties so that they are browned on both sides

    That should finish off the patties. From here you have really two avenues. One is the quick method, the other is the long drawn out method. I’ll put the quick method for now and give you the chole recipe a bit later.

    Quick method:

    1/2 C onions finelly chopped
    1/3 C coriander finally chopped.
    1/3C yoghurt
    package of chaat masala
    1 jar of apple butter

    This is just as yummy as what i posted. Place a patty on plate, top with onions then a dab of apple butter, a spoonful of yoghurt, sprinkle with chaat masala and then finally the coriander on top. Enjoy!

    The jar of apple butter might seem out of place, but it’s a trick. Generally, the recipe calls for “Imili chutney” which is a preparation of dates, tamarind and chilli powder. (which you can find on the internet) But this gets the same taste without making it.

    I’d be interested in any variations people might have come up with.

  21. You’re transgressions as a non-carnivoire will be forgiven with a followup post containing the recipe.

  22. Jonathan Turner says:

    Yum. And thanks for the recipe!

  23. Bryan says:

    That is disgusting! Could you at least fry up a dead animal and layer it on top? I shall one day post a truly carnivorous display to turn your weak vegetarian guts inside out…. wait for it sri, just wait

  24. sri says:

    Just try it, buddy, I have a rotted rutabagas aimed at you! You WILL feel the impact of fully rotted rutabagas, you carnivorous bottom feeder!


  25. Damn, I don’t think I *have* a terabyte of ginger.

  26. Matt Smith says:

    This post isn’t meaty enough (pun most definatly intended).