Uptime & Sounds

After 399 days and 11 hours of continuous service, a power cut finally took out my little server, orion. Orion hosts my web pages and e-mail, as well as several other people’s e-mail and web pages. It also functions as my development server for art.gnome.org.

Almost 400 days of uptime – I think that just goes to show how stable Linux is. I suppose I ought to finally get round to cleaning it down a bit!

On a slightly different note, for some unknown reason I’ve had sound events enabled in GNOME recently. Today I had to restart X on several occasions, and was subjected to the current GNOME login sound. Please, can anyone with some decent musical skills create a replacement? I don’t know the history of the current sound, but it sounds like something out of the 80s…

2 Responses to “Uptime & Sounds”

  1. Dennis J. says:

    I gave it a try: http://www.marvins-realm.com/startup.ogg
    Not exactly a great work of art but a bit better than the sound that is used right now I think. Where can I submit this for inclusion into Gnome?

  2. Jeff Walden says:

    Actually, I’d bet it was converted from a MIDI someone made. And yes, it’s definitely horrible.