Unnamed Project

I had an idea that I have been thinking about the last few weeks and today I finally got round to doing some hacking…


I really need a better name for this little project. If you can guess what it is, please help me.

42 Responses to “Unnamed Project”

  1. Adam Petaccia says:

    How about YAUP? Yet Another Unnamed Project. The YA prefix seems to be ‘hip’ these days…

  2. Alex says:

    Well, it looks like a GTK theme creation tool. How about GThemer?

  3. Fred Morcos says:

    Agree with Alex about it being a Gtk Theme Designer tool :) But I don’t agree about GThemer as it sounds like a theme applier (theme config) tool. I suggest GTD (GThemeDesigner, or GtkThemeDesigner).

    You might want to check this out to pick a name from ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chameleon#Change_of_color

  4. M.Pomme says:

    If you’re looking for a standard plain straightforward, i guess gnome-theme-editor or gtk-theme-editor should do it.

    If you think that’s boring, maybe you could try “janome” (www.janome.com), or try another name from the textile/design industry ;). janome is kinda cool because it looks/sounds a bit like gnome.

    “cagibi” or “garde-robe” sound fun too… just braindumping here :)

  5. Baptiste says:

    What about Garde-Robe ?

  6. lintlint says:

    or dress-code ?

  7. tko says:

    Judging from the looks of it, gtk-pixmap-theme-editor isn’t too bad…

  8. tko says:

    btw, unless I’m mistaken, borders are ignored if stretch=FALSE so you might want to reflect that in the UI as well

  9. Gianni says:

    Baptiste: “Garde-Robe” sounds good, but may not sounds as good to english natives

    tko: gtk-pixmap-theme-editor is describing very well what it is, but sounds really bad.

    I like to include the word creator in those kind of application, but you decide.

    Anyway, it looks very polished, and seems to be very pleasant to use. It’s a excellent idea!

  10. Vincent Untz says:

    I vote for garde-robe too! Yay for french conspiracy!

  11. Chris says:

    Personally, I like “dress-code” since it likens theming to dressing up an interface. I am a native english speaker and I must say that I don’t really understand “Garde-Robe”. Another idea might be “uni-form” since the tool uses a simple one window interface, and dresses up interfaces by applying a uniform to them.

  12. I suggest “gorgeous”.

  13. im.tehk says:

    CuttleFish, because cuttlefish can change colors on the fly and replicate complex patterns like a checker board.

    Also it would have an awesome icon.

  14. Stu says:

    Widget Wonker :)

  15. Daniel Heitmann says:

    Maybe Gtkameleon? ;-)

    But I like “dresscode” a lot.

    Good work. Is it gtk-engine-independent?

  16. M.Pomme says:


    (as in Gobelin tapestry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gobelin)
    (but also the french term for goblin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblin)

    Note that refering to tapestry both conveys the concepts of decoration and of pixmaps. As a bonus, goblins are somewhat related to gnomes …

  17. Chris Lord says:

    +1 for Widget Wonker :)

  18. M.Pomme says:

    Gobelin !

    It’s both :
    – a name famous for tapestries (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gobelin) – which by the way are decorative elements (like a theme) composed of small knits which form an image or a pattern (like a pixmap)
    – a slightly gnomish creature (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblin) – in French and some other languages

  19. Someone says:

    I vote for Widget Wanker :)
    (hey, be honest, you ‘wank’ stuff into the widgets, right?)

    But seriously, I think it should be a short and catchy name. Like “Tiape!” (ie. This Is A Pixmap Editor)

  20. John Stowers says:

    How about naming it Shiny

    “Users like shiny things” ™

  21. What about gpte ? You won’t have to change your window title… ->[]

  22. NJP says:

    What about “Artisan”?

  23. smurfd says:

    gEngineer if it has to do with creating theme engines.
    or maby gWardrobe if it has to do with creating themes.

  24. Geppeto :)
    Sounds somewhat like gpte and has the “crafting” idea.

  25. Lieven says:

    I think dresscode sounds cool aswell.

    Or a fancy commercial sounding name:

    Gnome Theming Suite

  26. Mattions says:

    Really not useful suggestions:

    1) foo bar
    2) pippo ;)

    But seriuosly I like Goblin

  27. nona says:

    Widget Wonker FTW!

  28. Dermi says:

    How about ‘Camouflage’?

  29. JanC says:

    From the suggestions until now I prefer “Gobelin” (not Goblin!), then “Garderobe” or “Dress-Code”.

    Gobelin gets bonus points for its double meaning. :)

    And if it really needs to be an English name, what about “Taylor”? Theme designers could add a “Taylor Made” sign next to their themes then… :-)

  30. JanC says:

    Eh, that should have been “Tailor” instead of “Taylor” of course. :-/

  31. @Vasiliy Faronov said: I suggest “gorgeous”.

    What about “Gorges” as a play on this? As in “Ithaca is Gorges!” ;-)

  32. jdub says:

    Sheen! Gloss! … Pimlick!

  33. Jan Alonzo says:

    How about just “Themer”? I guess it’s simple and bbviously it’s for GTK+ widgets so most likely it will be used in the GNOME platform so no need to add G, GTK+, GNOME, etc…

    Also Themer can also be used as a noun-verb: Themer IT!, There’s a bug in Themer, Have you seen Themer?, How about Themer?, Themer’ng, Themer’d, etc… :-)

    As for the Theme applier connotation (comment #2), I don’t think it matters once the word gets around :-)


  34. Trung Le says:

    How about Gucci or Gabana?

  35. daniels says:

    Clearly it has to be Theme Park.

  36. Eduardo says:

    What about Pixthed?

  37. To be honest, I don’t care what its called. But I want it! I only ask one thing of you thomas… That when a name is chosen, you publicise it so I can find it and install it.

  38. brunobol says:


  39. Trung Le says:

    thos, i think the best name is ur name, name is Thos or Thomas.

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  41. Patrys says:

    I think the name should be easily localisable and “Widget Wanker” sounds like it might come out rude in any language ;)