More GUADEC 2007 Videos (including keynotes)

I’ve processed some more GUADEC 2007 videos, including most of the keynotes. I’m slowly getting through the remaining, but each video takes several hours to process, so please bear with me!

video Behdad Esfahbod – Co-maintaining cairo.ogg
video Stormy Peters – Would you do it for free again.ogg
video Robert Love – Google and Open Source.ogg
video Matthew Allum – Clutter Foo.ogg
video Doc Searls – Some observations about Linux and Business.ogg
video Bryan Clark and Havoc Pennington – Online Desktop.ogg
video Alex Graveley – Crafting 3.0.ogg
video Michael Meeks – Impromtu IO Grind Talk.ogg

5 Responses to “More GUADEC 2007 Videos (including keynotes)”

  1. behdad says:

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for these.
    Note that the cairo presentation was jointly done by myself and Carl Worth.


  2. Alex says:

    The ? needs to be escaped in the URL for the stormy peters talk. Peters – Would you do it for free again%3F.ogg

  3. MacSlow says:

    Finally I can take a look at the clutter-talk Matthew did. Thanks!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks again, Thomas. These are so fun to watch!

  5. Sankar says:

    Great. Thanks a lot.