Well, since no one stepped up to take over maintaining, I decided I really needed to sort it out. I keep getting requests such as “why hasn’t my background been approved yet” and “please delete this submission”. So I have a new idea, that hopefully isn’t so high maintenance:


Hopefully, it will better serve GNOME artists and help encourage people to get involved in GNOME. If you feel like contributing, sources are in GNOME svn:

5 Responses to “art-hub”

  1. Stephen says:

    Where are the theme and background etc. listings going? I suppose you could make tabs up the top for them.

  2. John Stowers says:


    I think the point here is that unless someone else steps up to help maintain, it will be changing dramatically

  3. Stephen says:

    Well, what would maintaining the site entail? Is it mostly administrative stuff (approvals, moderation etc.), or is there programming involved? I’m might be able to help – what’s the process for becoming a maintainer?