For a change from our normal blogging, have a cat with a box of cake mix on its head.

Have a kitty with a box of cake mix on its head

Someone has suggested a fix for the problem where Metacity doesn’t give up the selection on the compositor when you replace it. A solution should be coming soon.

I still need to write up our goals for 2.24. I think I know what they are now.

I’m putting the bugzilla attachments thing to one side for a while until we have more consensus about what to do with it.

A lot of good ideas on the Metacity testing post. Still thinking them over.

4 Responses to “For a change from our normal blogging, have a cat with a box of cake mix on its head.”

  1. Oh metacity seems to be getting some love. Great!

    Bugs that have been annoying me for the last year are basic window resizing regressions.

    1. “After a while” the window manager gets into a state where the bottom panel is ignored when vertically maximizing a window:

    2. If you unmaximise a window in metacity, subsequently doing a vertical maximise, also does a horizontal maximise

    3. If you _toggle_ gnome-terminal fullscreen and back (I bind Alt+F11), then subsequently when trying to maximise the window, a fullscreen is done instead. Moving or resizing the window gets it out of this errorneous state

  2. Thanks– I’m working on focus stuff at present, but I’ll try to get them fixed before 2.24: regressions don’t help anyone :/

    Do you read ?

  3. @Pádraig: Are the bottom two in Bugzilla? Could you add them if not? Thanks.

  4. I already did that, and noticed that you got mails so didn’t comment here.

    I added #2 as a comment against the first bug, since there was
    already a related comment there:

    I added #3 as a new bug: