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And her sister is called Abigail Necessaryonabicycle

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Just got back from Cambridge, where I spent an all too brief time with many wonderful people, such as the Collaborans, and Katie, and ghoti and family. I’m very glad of all of you.

I found Fin’s twenty-four hour comic from 2006 again today. Worth re-reading.

Also, what Maemo 5 needs is robotfindskitten. Definitely.

A few days

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

On Saturday we went to help a friend of ours move house; then we went and ate at a diner called Tom Jones, which was rather good really. On Sunday we went and played D&D again at Bae’s house; my elven cleric used up several saving throws against dying in battle. And today I made dinner: it was spaghetti.

The Mutter maintainers have decided that Mutter will henceforth be a proper fork of Metacity and that the projects will go their own ways. This means, of course, that Metacity will not ship as standard in GNOME 3. I am wondering what should happen to Metacity now; I have a couple of branches to merge, and then I think I would really rather work on Mutter than carry on with a project that practically nobody will use. It would be good to work with a team of others again, too: I’ve been mostly alone on Metacity for a while now.

I have modified the Shavian wiki so that the metadata is held on article pages instead of talk pages. It looks like this. I have been discussing some ideas about this wiki with some people, and I am wondering whether it would be generally more useful if the data was held in IPA format and the Shavian text was produced using a transformation on that data, just as Unifon and so on are now. I am also wondering whether allowing anonymous editing would increase participation enough to be worth the risk of vandalism.

Bottled annoyance

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

It’s been raining for days. Rio (whose website is now a little out of date) says we should put the rain into jars and call it “bottled annoyance”.

Speaking of Rio, she’s been learning the trumpet for a few months now. Tonight we went to a concert her school were putting on. There was a high school jazz band, too, and now she’s decided she wants to be a jazz trumpeter. She’s asking for trumpet jazz CDs, and Fin is asking whether you have any recommendations. All this makes me want to pick up the bass again. Perhaps I need to take lessons.

We had to take Rothko to the vet. He’ll be fine. The other cats are missing him rather.

I didn’t get much done this weekend; I’ve been feeling kind of out of sorts recently. I did manage to spend an hour or so on Sunday adding Digg support to Joule, and later I added support for Doug Ewell’s spiky rune-like Ewellic alphabet to the Shavian wiki here. Which is your favourite of the scripts we have so far? (You’ll need IE, Safari, or Firefox 3.5 to see them without downloading fonts.)

My parents have been sending me photos of poems I wrote when I was a kid.  The Ballad of the Speaking Clock is one of the less bad ones. :)

Joule 3.5

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Six years ago, Firinel had an idea: would it be possible to track who had friended and unfriended you on LiveJournal over time? I was inspired to work on a project to answer the question, which became Joule. Today I released Joule 3.5, which adds Twitter support– and, too. In other words, it’s possible to chart who’s following you on either service. It’s useful to me and thousands of others, and I thought it might be useful to some of you.

Update: Forgot to mention: you can also get RSS feeds out of it.