Telepathy-ssh renamed to ssh-contact and released

I’m glad to announce the first release of ssh-contact, previously known as telepathy-ssh but renamed because there is already so many telepathy-foo projects (mainly ConnectionManagers) that it could be confusing.

It now has a great interactive CLI, letting you select which IM contact to connect. Of course it display only the contacts who installed the ssh-contact service.

Distro packagers, you can find the ssh-contact 0.1 tarball here. I’ll probably host the project on in the future.

Feedback would be appreciated!

3 Responses to “Telepathy-ssh renamed to ssh-contact and released”

  1. nice1 says:

    what if this could be used as a general purpose vpn-like service between IM contacts that supports it?

  2. Stuff was named telepathy-foo so that when I search for telepathy I’ll find telepathy stuff. I found this very convenient.

  3. xclaesse says:

    I agree, but other telepathy devs didn’t want that…