… and a hearty welcome to our regular GNOME bloggers! Hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve had a bit of an upgrade over here… No more NewsBruiser — we’re running with WordPress MU.

What does that mean for you?

  • Rocking user experience, built on the foundations of everybody’s favourite blogging tool, WordPress.
  • Multiple blogs: Yes, you can run more than just one blog! You may want one for yourself, one for your project. Do be nice though, there’s only one namespace here.
  • Multiple authors: You can invite existing users to participate on your blog — perfect for developer teams to contribute to a project blog. There are a few different user levels, so you can act as ‘editor’ to a team of contributors, give core maintainers administrative access, etc.
  • Some cool themes to start you off, including the beautifully stylesheetable Sandbox. You can apply your own CSS to any theme using the ‘Custom CSS’ page. Make your blog yours.
  • Customisable sidebar widgets, and a few cool widget plugins to play with. Stick a Twitter or Flickr feed in your sidebar, let everyone know where you’re at.
  • Spam protection thanks to the Bad Behavior plugin, enabled by default on every blog, and auto-closing comments after 21 days of inactivity. We’re going to wait and see how bad the spam might get before implementing other measures.
  • All the mod cons you’d expect from WordPress: XMLRPC, APP, feeds, GUI editor, blogrolls, great management of pages, categories and comments.
  • Seamless migration from NewsBruiser, and thorough redirection to a much better URL scheme. Not only have we maintained your Google-juice, we’ve enhanced it!
  • Easy sign-up: Anyone with a gnome.org, gtk.org or gimp.org email address can join!