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Ah, the joys of being worked to the bone.

Still no web content for the GIMP section of the GUADEC web pages – it’s now pretty urgent that we get something that is at least not disgraceful. A placeholder would probably do.

Suggestions welcome at the GIMP wiki.

Aside from that, the GUADEC presenters info is coming along, I didn’t quite get it finished last night. And all going well, we should have some good news on the organisational front early next week.

Add to that long days at work, and I’m really looking forward to having at least a half day over the weekend where I do nothing.

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Heh, cool – on advogato one day and I already have 3 fans :)

The GIMP currently needs some content to put on the GUADEC site to advertise the fact that GIMPCon is happenning at the same time. Of the GIMP developers, myself, nomis, Dan Rogers, pippin and Daniel Egger have had talks accepted (unfortunately Dan can’t go). There are also interesting graphical based talks on GStreamer, typography and GPhoto.

Anyone interested in giving e a hand with this, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Back from Libr’East in Paris (finally) – even though I was only there for one day, it was great fun. I met up with dodji, who kindly put me up, and lots of other gnome-fr people.

It was a little bit of a shock arriving back to the apartment at 12.30 am and checking whether the USB reader I’d brought with me worked with dodji’s laptop, only to find that I hadn’t brought my presentation with me :-} That’ll teach me to unmount my flash card before taking it out.

So anyway, I wrote the bones of a presentation between 1am and 3.30am (it’s here), and it came off OK, I think – it’s the first time I have given a GIMP presentation in French, and I think it was a little dull. I was never very good at humour. Next time I should tell more jokes. I also ran out of time, and ended up going about 10 minutes over.

Afterwards I gave a quick demo on removing red-eye and playing with layers and selections and the clone tool. Ran out of time, but I think it went down OK.

Thanks to everyone who organised this conference, it was their first time and was a great success (apart from the people going over time, hem hem).