Not going to LRL

4:39 pm openwengo

In spite of my best intentions, I won’t be going to Lug Radio Live this year to represent OpenWengo.

The official reason is that it’s only 2 weeks before the birth of our third child, and I can’t justify going away for a day & a half during a weekend that close to the “quick, call a taxi” date.

However the real reason is because I was afraid of all the abuse I would get from the LugRadio crowd – a taster of which I got from Stuart “Aq” Langridge upon hearing that I was cancelling:

Well then you are a useless Irish bastard and we are never going to speak to you again, you pig-holding arse.

Yes, that’s right, I am an arse that can hold a pig.

Thanks to Stuart for putting into my mind the image of two beautiful plump rosy bum-cheeks grabbing a poor defenseless squealing piglet. It’s enough to give you nightmares.

3 Responses

  1. Antoine Says:

    Have you ever seen a John Waters movie ? :-)

  2. sil Says:

    That’ll learn ya to bail on us. :-)

    (Now you’ve gone public I’m sure you’re not coming. Shame. We’ll raise a glass to you in absentia!)

  3. Dave Neary Says:

    That’s right, pretend you didn’t mean it now.

    Yeah – as much as I would have loved to come, there are other things I don’t want to miss that are more important.