First half-marathon

7:28 am General, running

Yesterday I ran the Lyon half-marathon. I was a bit disappointed with the organisation – lack of signposting at the start, and kilometre markers that were all over the place (I passed 1km at 5:50, and 2km at 8:30!). It makes it a bit hard to correct your pace if you’re going too fast or too slow.

There were the usual problems of a mass start – it took me about 1500m to see some air and start running at my rhythm. The problem was that I ended up running faster than I wanted to (around 4:15/4:20 per km) – and payed for it in the last 10km. Usually at the end of a race I have a bit of energy to accelerate & finish the last 2km pretty fast, yesterday I had to convince myself a few times to keep running in the last 5km.

Anyway – pleased with the time (1:36) and I’m on course for a sub-1:35 Marseille-Cassis next month.

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  1. Joe Smith Says:

    I ran my first half-marathon last May, and got about the same time (1:35). I run collegiate Cross Country (8km/5 mile races), so the longest training runs I usually do are 10 miles. I was kind of worried until I finished mile 5, when I realized that I could finish the last 8 miles pretty easily. Good luck on your next race!