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Last year, Eitan Isaacson and Brad Taylor manned a GNOME stand during SCALE, and it was grand. We were just opposite KDE, and showed off the N800 doing a video call to Celeste Paul from KDE (almost converted her, I swear).

This year, SCALE is on from the 8th to the 10th of February, and Eitan’s not available to take the lead again, so I’m looking for a volunteer in the LA area who’s willing to be the point man for the stand – which means requesting and taking care of the GNOME event box, setting up the stand & taking it down, and making sure that there’s someone there all the time. Also helping recruit others :) You’ll need at least 2 people to man a stand, and the more the merrier.

Traditionally, we have not had many activists in California – so if you are a GNOME enthusiast in California, now would be a nice time to introduce yourself :) Send me a mail, or mail, and we’ll sort you out. If you’re not available yourself, but know someone living in the region who might be able to help, please send me a mail introducing me.

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