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Lucas wrote a comment on one of my “Links of the day” posts which had several GNOME 2.22 links.

I love those links about 2.22 you post in your blog! They save me a lot of time on searching for user feedback.  :-)

For those of you who are users, if you tag articles related to the release “gnome222” then we’ll be able to find them all in the one place at – I’ve been doing this for several releases, have a look at the gnome220, gnome218 and gnome216 tags too.

So join in – I don’t see any articles in languages other than English and French, it’d be nice to have a collection of articles from around the world tagged gnome222 so that we can see how far the release is reaching. As Lucas says, this also gives us a valuable source of user feedback after a release.

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  1. aklapper Says:

    i don’t have a account, feel free to tag the following non-fr/-en articles that i read to get an impression on the 2.22 feedback:–/artikel/104889/