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I see that my blog is now aggregated on Planet Maemo (at least for Maemo related stuff) – all of you who want to get my off-Maemo ramblings on GNOME, the Libre Graphics Meeting, my life, or free software in general will just have to check out my journal at the source.

For those wondering why I’m here: I’m being funded by Nokia to help make the Maemo documentation community rock. I’ll be working a bit more than part-time on improving documentation organisation and processes, and removing roadblocks anywhere I can. If anyone has any problems with the documentation, reports of “bugs” with the organisation of docs, or has general suggestions for things that we can improve, I’m all ears.

I’m still feeling my way around, and with the forums, mailing lists and wiki, there are a lot of entry points to this community – but the best way to get started is to start solving real problems, and over the next few days I’ll be working to resolve some outstanding website bugs and get access to everything I need to do that.

Oh – and if anyone has any hints for solving the Numpty Physics level where the yellow ball is in a kind of snail’s shell, I’d love to hear them. And is it possible to delete the last stroke with the N810? I haven’t figured it out yet.

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  1. aNoble Says:

    You can delete the last stroke with the back button (the bottom button below the LED).

    I beat the snail shell level, it was rough. I’m trying to remember how I actually did it in the end. I know I tried a sort of a see-saw contraption and dropping something on the other side to launch it into the shell.

  2. Wahez Says:

    Just press the escape button to delete the last stroke. Works on my N810.

  3. George Bronnikov Says:

    The last stroke is deleted by Escape — the lower button on the left edge of the tablet.
    I am stuck at the same level, BTW.

  4. Andy Says:

    The back button (the one next to the application switcher, in case I have the wrong name) removes the last stroke.

    On the topic of documentation, I’m still not quite sure what the scope of maemo is. I think I’d appreciate documentation for using all the hardware bits on my n810. e.g. reading the light-meter, the gps, the camera, keyboard in/out sensor, battery, wireless etc.

    I’m not sure if this is stuff that is “maemo” or not. If it isn’t relevant, then pointers to the relevant projects would be great. If it is relevant, then I think it would be a cool place to start.

  5. Murphy Says:

    I just buy a N810 and found some apps you will love : http://nitapps.com/

  6. Andy Says:

    Murphy: yes, those are cool and I have a few installed. And while I know I can just read their source code, I’d much prefer to be able to find the official documentation for how they work 🙂

  7. jukey Says:

    I have upload a screenshot of the solved Numpty Physics level:


    1.: let the red circle roll to the compensator and 2. catapult it into the snail shell. if the object is on position 3. you should stop the time an paint the second compensator. After this the red circle should hit the yellow object and the level is solved.
    But its the last of the standard levels are installed…

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