Malt Appreciation Society

9:16 pm gnome, guadec, running

So when’s the Malt Appreciation Society meeting this year? I have a bottle of cask strength 12yo Glengoyne I picked up today & was planning to bring along – no idea if it’s any good. So… when do I get to find out???

Also, anyone interested in going for an early morning run (not the day after the Malt Appreciation Society meeting) drop me a line, especially if you’re in or near the Golden Horn Sirkeci… we can do some early morning tourism at about 12km/h.

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  1. Karl Lattimer Says:

    Actually its the…

    Single Malt Appreciation Society for HackErs and Developers


    SMASHED :)

    anyway, we haven’t decided yet, come find me or Rob Taylor, or Lefty and we can sort something out… I brought a Highland Park 16, Lefty brought a Barefoot or something Glengoyne, and Rob brought two bottles :) This year will be an awesome meet :P