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8:10 am community, maemo

Last night, “the Roaming Gnomes”, a team I put together, participated in the ACCESS pub quiz at OSiM World, organised by Lefty Schlesinger.

Lefty ran a Jeopardy-type quiz which was raucous, fun, energetic, competitive, and replete with a Windows Vista crash and a Flock bug. A bunch of teams had a go at questions in categories that included “Open source personalities”, “Comics and Movies”, “Mobile industry history”, “History of computing” and some general knowledge categories. And in the end, the best team won.Us! (Update: Now includes a photo of the winning team – Bdale and Jim got shy, and Niels had to leave early, and I think it’s Heikki who also missed the photo).

The Roaming GNOMEs

The Roaming GNOMEs

So here’s the role call of the Roaming Gnomes heros who helped bring the huge trophy to GNOME.

  • Dave Neary
  • Stormy Peters
  • Paul Cooper (a two-time winner!)
  • Alejandro, Alberto and Juanjo of Igalia
  • Thomas Jansson
  • Richard Rojfors
  • Heikki Paajaken
  • Bdale Garbee (our resident computing historian)
  • Jim Zemlin
  • Niels Breet (special mention for knowing the answer to which country has a wife-carrying race)

Congratulations to Lefty on running a very successful quiz – it was a good range of questions, and the rules change mid-game definitely contributed to the animation of the competition. And thanks once more to all the members of the team.

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  1. Lefty Says:

    Thanks for writing this up, and congratulations on a stunning win for the GNOME team last night. I had a lot of fun with the quiz, and it seems as though both the participants and the observers enjoyed themselves as well.

    I’m looking forward to doing the honors again for next year’s edition!

    Thanks to everyone who participated!

  2. OSiM World 2008, Berlin « Hepaajan’s Weblog Says:

    […] Wednesday evening I participated in the pub quiz. I signed to Dave Neary’s team, but I had some trouble finding them in the crowded pub. Eventually I found them and had a great […]

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