DHL phone service

2:48 pm General

Apart from a very pleasant Julie, everyone I’ve talked to from DHL today has been shockingly disagreeable. I’ve gone from people hanging up after 5 seconds (raises the agerage number of calls) to one woman who insisted on interrupting me half way through every sentence.

At least you can get them on the phone – I spent over an hour talking to no-one on the Coliposte telephone service. Coliposte have it all worked out. “If you want to talk to automated service A, press 1. If you want to talk to automated service B, press 2. If you want to talk to a human being, please hold until you get bored and hang up.”

Delivery service telephone helplines: turning good days into bad since 1982.

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  1. Doh Says:

    To be honest, if you trust anything to Dropit Hideit Loseit, you’re just asking for trouble from the start.