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Following on from my post earlier today, here’s the program I use to play Go in GNOME, usually: Quarry.

Quarry counting a game

Quarry counting a game

Quarry is a beautiful application which hooks in with a number of different game engines for Reversi/Othello, Go and a game I’ve never heard of called Amazons.

It has some very annoying tics (like asking you for every game you’ve played if you’d like to save it when you quit the application, not being able to undo a move against the computer if, for example, you play a stupid move by accident), it’s missing some pretty important features like integration with IGS or NNGS, and it doesn’t appear to be in active development, but it is the best native GTK+ go game that I’ve seen.

Ongoing game in Quarry

Ongoing game in Quarry

There are also some other Quarry quirks, including an opening window which is quite mystifying. That’s something the program shares with the other Go program I use, CGoban, another discontinued free software Go program (being rewritten in Java, if I’m not mistaken). The CGoban opening screen contains the enlightened button “Go Modem” which is, you might have guessed, the button you must press to start a game against a computer player.

Anyone have a lead on a really nice user-friendly Go game that can play on IGS and against GNU Go? Ideally, one that has been ported to a Nokia N810.

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  1. pel Says:

    Myself I use the java version of cgoban to play on kgs (which IMHO is far nicer than IGS and NNGS, I also really enjoy the kgs+ service).

    Unfortunatly it fails on two points:
    * It is not open source
    * It does currently not run on the n8x0

    I installed jalimo on my n800 and so far it breaks on this bug.

  2. gpoo Says:

    CGoban3 is the reimplementation. You can find it at KGS). It is written in Java. No source code available.

    I downloaded it and I wrote an small .desktop file, so I launch it from the Menu without visiting the webpage every time.

    As far as I know, KGS uses its own protocol (an extension of GTP).

    I used to use uligo for writing exercises and qgo for play agains GnuGo. I was told GnuGo is not a hard competitor, so I haven’t played with it so much.

    I never heard about Quarry. One year ago I was looking for a project to contribute with. I’ll take a look at the code.

  3. Will Says:


  4. Aaron Seigo Says:

    Kigo; it’s relatively new and uses KDE libs (hopefully not a show stopper for you =) but does things like work with gnugo rather nicely. I don’t think it has IGS support yet (?) but seeing as it sprung up just this year (July, to be exact) and has a couple rather enthusiastic developers behind it (e.g. http://saschpe.wordpress.com/) and that its rather playable already, i’m optimistic about it.

    it’s currently only in playground (http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/games/kigo/), but i’m hoping for a first official release soonish.

  5. liberforce Says:

    Using glglo too…