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After my last post, a few really useful links came out in the comments, they’re worthy of getting more attention, on top of sites like (where I got my tickets).

Edward Hervey recommended – a nice web 2.0 site that aggregates low-cost airlines as well as traditional airlines, shows you prices on or around your flight dates for more options. It didn’t find my train-and-plane combo, while Expedia did, but definitely worth a try.

Nelson pointed to the websites of three airlines that fly to Gran Canaria, for those who want to look to the source: which I mentioned, and – as far as I can tell, these are all covered by the above agregator sites.

And sdf (quite possibly a spammer, but maybe not) pointed to tuifly, a German no-frills who flies to Gran Canaria from a wide variety of German sites.

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  1. Christopher Blizzard Says:


    2. Click on Log in as guest

    3. Search for flights

    4. Click on Choose Flights (graphical)

    5. Win

  2. Wouter Says:

    One more:

  3. Donnie Berkholz Says:

    I’ve found Mobissimo equally usable and slightly superior to Kayak.

  4. sdf Says:

    well thank you. just trying to be helpful, getting called names… :-)

  5. Dave Neary Says:

    sdf: Sorry about that – the domain name in your email address was what got me thinking that it might be some kind of elaborate pingback google juice thing which I didn’t understand :)


  6. Benjamin Otte Says:
    A bit too Web2.0 but it looks nicer than the other ones. :)