Libre Graphics Meeting 2009: community fundraising campaign

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After the successful community fundraising campaign last year, the Libre Graphics Meeting will be back in Montreal again this year, and once again the organisers need your help to make the event a success.

In fact, this year we need your help more than ever. With the crisis/recession/slow-down/depression upon us, companies are puckering up tighter than a snare drum (to borrow a quote from the Shawshank Redemption) when asked for sponsorship this year.

Support the Libre Graphics Meeting 2009

Support the Libre Graphics Meeting 2009

It’s true, the Libre Graphics Meeting lives on the margins of the business cases people can make right now. There are not millions to be made in appealing to graphic designers working on Linux. And yet, as a community event driving co-operation and development of creative applications on Linux, the Libre Graphics Meeting is valuable, and unique to the free software community.

We need the help of the people to whom it’s valuable to make it happen. And that’s why we’re asking the community to give what they can to support the conference. To allow us to bring people together to share ideas and hack on code. To make better Free graphics software for everyone.

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