Maemo community council elections: results in!

12:15 pm community, maemo

The Maemo community council election is over, and the results are in.

166 people voted to elect the incoming council, and when the dust settled, the new council will be made up of:

  • Andrew Flegg
  • Ryan Abel
  • Tim Samoff
  • Kees Jongenburger
  • Alan Bruce (better known as qole)

For those interested in that kind of thing, you can download all of the ballots from the election in .blt format (the format used by OpenSTV) and replay the election with different counting systems and options for transferring votes. You can also browse the votes online, and verify that your vote was recorded correctly.

Congratulations to the elected council members, and thank you to all of the candidates for running!

3 Responses

  1. Dave Neary Says:

    Interestingly enough, if we had used the GNOME counting method (everyone can vote for up to 5 people, and all votes receive equal weight), the results would not have been the same.

    One candidate appeared very often as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th preference, and would have sneaked the 4th place in the election, and 3 other candidates would have been within 1 vote of each other for the 5th position.

    This issue is one of the reasons I’ve been encouraging GNOME to change their election system for several years now – and hopefully this year it’ll get done.

  2. Quim Says:

    For the lazy ones, what would have been the result if voters would have used the current system of the GNOME Foundation?

  3. Dave Neary Says:

    From memory, nothing changes in the first 3 positions – jaffa, GA and Tim are still the top 3 voters. sjgadsby was 4th by a good margin, and it was between Kees, Jamie and Alan were pretty much tied for 5th place (there was 1 vote difference covering the 3 of them).