GCDS round-up 5: Mobile Day

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Nearing the end of the series on the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit.

On Wednesday morning (after SMASHED), we had to get to the new location for the conference. I missed the bus window of 8am to 9am, so I took a taxi, without knowing the address of where we were going, other than knowing that it was the “Gran Canaria university, informatics building”. Turns out that’s not enough information for a taxi driver 🙂 Anyway, got there eventually, late for the opening session, and a little more expensive than expected. I also lost some change down the back of the bucket seat, so he even got a tip.

Anyway, the rest of the day went pretty well, and we had some great mobile related presentations (to compliment all of the other mobile related content in the conference):

  • Multimedia in your pocket, by Stefan Kost: Nice presentation on using MAFW to build complex multimedia applications
  • Designing Moblin-Netbook. A free desktop on a 7-10″ Screen, by Nick Richards: Great overview of the Moblin platform, and the design principles guiding it – from design requirements, personas, and dealing with constraints.
  • Hildon desktop in Maemo 5 by Kimmo Hämäläinen: An overview of the Hildon desktop on a whiteboard by Kimmo.
  • MAFW: the Media Application Framework for Maemo by Iago Toral: Drilling down into the details of MAFW.
  • Why its easier to re-invent rather than participate on the mobile? by Shreyas Srinivasan: My favourite presentation of the day. Shreyas laid out what he had expectied from GNOME Mobile, the problems he encountered, his understanding of the issues, and some proposed solutions to those problems. All in 15 minutes. I really appreciate people who don’t pad out the content that they have to present and instead focus on making a high-impact presentation.
  • GNOME Mobile BOF, led by myself: We talked about how far we’ve come, the original goals of the initiative, and identified a bunch of things that we can improve short-term and medium-term.

Had a great dinner again on Wednesday, in a tapas bar with some Red Hatters and Michael Meeks, and then on to the party. Wednesday night was the golf club party, sponsored by Collabora, with a free bar until 1 (of which I mostly did not avail – I was being good), and I was in bed by 2. It was a great party, and I picked up another couple of cyclists for the outing I had been planning for Friday, before they wimped out on me.

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  1. Laszlo Pandy Says:

    I don’t believe Stefan Kost mentioned anything about MAFW, that was the other presentation by Iago Toral. Stefan showed some GNOME + GStreamer apps running on this maemo device and discussed a bit about how GStreamer works on it the low powered device.

  2. Dave Neary Says:

    I believe he did mention that MAFW was underlying what he was showing – although I do remember him showing Pitivi and Jokosher on a tablet, and I was very impressed.

  3. Xabier RodrĂ­guez Says:

    Jokosher and Pitivi have nothing to do with MAFW as far as I know. In fact, MAFW doesn’t support the things Jokosher and Pitivi are supposed to do.

    He mentioned MAFW as a good framework to build applications multimedia applications on top of it, but applications that play media, nothing to do with video edition or multi-track media edition.

    There was indeed an specific presentation about MAFW performed by Iago Toral.

  4. Claudio Says:

    It seems you miss in your list the Hildon Toolkit talk. From reading your post’s prelude one can infer that you skipped it because of the taxi adventure, but that’s not very clear to me (don’t remember whether you were there or not).

  5. Dave Neary Says:

    Yes, I missed your presentation. Sorry!

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