Six word novels

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I happened on a Wired article about the 6 word novel this morning, in a link from a newsletter I’m subscribed to.

Like Haiku and other very formulaic structures, the six word novel gives the author enormous freedom while constraining them in a fish-bowl.

My favourite examples:

  • “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” – Ernest Hemmingway.
  • “Longed for him. Got him. Shit.” – Margaret Atwood
  • “With bloody hands, I say good-bye.” – Frank Miller

Reading these, and seeing the second-place finisher of the competition in this newsletter (which was my favourite): “My secret discovered. Plane ticket purchased.” made me want to give it a try.

After some work, here’s my best effort.

As the noose tightened, she remembered.

A bit macabre, nonetheless I’m pretty happy with the images it brings forward, and the questions it leaves unanswered.

Anyone else care to try?