Ton Roosendaal to keynote the Summit community days

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Ton Roosendaal - the one on the left

Ton Roosendaal (on the left)

I’m very pleased to share that the opening keynote for the community days during the Maemo Summit will be Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Foundation. It’s been my pleasure to know Ton, mostly from afar, for the past few years, and he is one of the most amazing people I know in the free software world.

Ton is one of those people who has a sense of doing things big, and doing them right. Over the past few years, Ton has raised money to hire artists and developers to work on commercial quality films and games, resulting in Project Orange, Project Apricot, Project Peach and now Project Durian is in pre-production (you can buy your copy now and get your name on the credits!), with the goal of showing off what Blender can do and making the program better by working closely with artists to see what needs work. The results are truly impressive, and the amount of foresight and hard work which went into getting each of these projects off the ground and completed is amazing.

The Blender community is also amazing. Ton has continually given passionate users a reason to stay around, and ways to help the project, and that has been rewarded by a diverse community of artists and developers working together. The BlenderNation fan/news site is a testament to the creativity and passion of the community.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Ton speak.

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  1. jorge Says:

    Thanks for clarifying that Ton’s on the left, for a minute there I thought he was the rabbit!