Code:Free – a reminder that our software is for doing stuff

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I recently came across Code:Free, a webzine (made with Scribus) which showcases some great examples of art created with free software tools, and tutorials on how to achieve some nice effects – it’s kind of a compilation of the best of Deviantart made with Free tools. After seeing Ton Roosendaal keynote the Maemo Summit last weekend, it was a reminder that the goal behind creating software is to have your users take it & do cool stuff with it.

The webzine itself is gorgeously laid out and the art in it is very good indeed. Congratulations to Chrisdesign (of fame) in this great initiative, long may it continue!

5 Responses

  1. Tobias Says:

    Just a small correction, the release cycle is not monthly.

  2. Dave Neary Says:

    Thanks Tobias! Corrected in the text.


  3. Matt Henley Says:

    Do you know where one might find video of ton’s presentation?

  4. Dave Neary Says:

    It’s not online yet – track to get it when it’s made available.

  5. A. James Lewis (netlore) 's status on Thursday, 15-Oct-09 15:19:09 UTC - Says:

    […] a few seconds ago from web […]

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