GNOME Developer Training at GUADEC

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I’m delighted to announce the availability of GNOME Developer Training at GUADEC this year. It’s been brewing for a while, but you can now register for the training sessions on the GUADEC website.

Fernando Herrera, Claudio Saavedra, Alberto Garcia and myself will be running the two-day course, covering the basics of a Linux development environment and developer tools, the GNOME stack, including components, and the social aspects of working with a free software project, being a good community citizen, getting your code upstream, and gaining influence in projects you work with.

The developer tools section will go beyond getting you compiling the software to also present mobile development environments, and the tools you can use to profile your apps, or diagnose I/O or memory issues, dealing with the vast majority of performance issues developers encounter.

This is the first time I have seen a training course which treats the soft science of working with free software communities, and given the number of times that people working in companies have told me that they need help in this area, I believe that this is satisfying a real need.

We are keeping the numbers down to ensure that the highest quality training & individual attention is provided – only 20 places are available. The pricing for the training course is very competitive for this type of course – €1500 per person, including training, meals and printed training materials, and a professional registration to GUADEC, worth €250.

If you register before June 15th, you can even get an additional discount – the early bird registration price is only €1200 per person.

I’m really excited about this, and I hope others will be too. This is the first time that we will have done training like this in conjunction with GUADEC, and I really hope that this will bring some new developers to the conference for the week, as well as being a valuable addition to the GUADEC event.

2 Responses

  1. Murray Cumming Says:

    It seems to cover a huge list of stuff, much of it very complicated in itself. I guess you only plan to briefly mention stuff, so this would be a very introductory overview. I think that should be made clearer.

  2. Dave Neary Says:

    Hi Murray!

    Certainly for some tools, there will be a cursory mention, and we assume a certain level of skill from participants. But we do plan to go in-depth on many of the tools and libraries.

    Certainly, the syllabus is dense enough that it could be a 40-hour semester course or a full week’s professional training quite easily, if we were to deal in-depth with all the things we mention, but our goal is to get you up & running & productive in 2 days, with the tools you need to learn and develop further afterwards.