GNOME Census report released

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I was delighted to see that the GNOME Census presentation I gave yesterday at GUADEC has gotten a lot of attention. And I’m pleased to announce a change of plan from what I presented yesterday: The report is now available under a Creative Commons license.

Why the change of heart? My intention was never to make a fortune with the report, my main priority was covering my costs and time spent. And after 24 hours, I’ve achieved that. I have had several press requests for the full report, and requests from clients to be allowed to use the report both with press and with their clients.

This solution is the best for all involved, I think – I have covered my costs, the community (and everyone else) gets their hands on the report with analysis as soon as possible, and my clients are happy to have the report available under a license which allows them to use it freely.

You can download the full report now for free.

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  2. Matthew Davis Says:

    Smart move. Wish more people would do this. I’m curious if you still continue to get money from this report now that’s its released freely.

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  4. michael Says:

    links to the report dont work, database seems down.

  5. Dave Neary Says:

    Fixed now – you all crashed my hosting site 🙂


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