MeeGo Conference: building bridges (literally!)

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As part of the early bird events before the MeeGo conference this week, I ran a lollipop bridge building contest last night at the conference venue. The rules were simple: 100 lollipop sticks, a glue gun, and you have to bridge a 40cm gap, and resist as much weight as possible. We had about 40 participants, and 10 bridges entered.

There were two awards: prettiest bridge and strongest bridge. Obviously, the prettiest bridge contest was judged first.



The results were really impressive! The prettiest bridge was designed by Team Symbio, Ville Kankainen, Ilkka Maki, Henri Ranki and Márton Ekler. It was a beautiful arch bridge.

Team Symbio working on the prettiest bridge

Team Symbio working on the prettiest bridge

The winning bridge, made by the team “The Unbreakables”, Casper van Donderen, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen and Sivan Greenberg, survived the shopping basket we used as the breaking tool, with 25 1L bottles of water on top – impressive! The bridge was eventually broken when Chani tried to hang off it.

Very smug looking - the bridge survived all the weight we had

The Unbreakables - looking very smug

Some of the bridges held quite a lot of weight – and broke very spectacularly!

The 9 bridges we managed to break during judging.

...and after

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  2. pvanhoof Says:

    Awesome idea! Now I wish I came earlier so that I could have joined the contest.

    How about a second contest tomorrow evening? 😉

    New players will / would lookup existing bridge architectures and copy from those. Sounds fun.

  3. Dave Neary Says:

    @pvanhoof Unfortunately I only brought enough lollipop sticks for 10 teams 🙁

    There will be werewolf run by Dawn tonight, though – cerebral social game, well worth it.


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