Desktop Summit t-shirt design contest

9:51 am freesoftware, gnome, guadec

The closing date for the Desktop Summit t-shirt design contest is coming up fast!

I have not heard much about it, so it seems like we need to get the word out about it. You can submit a t-shirt design by email to ds-team@desktopsummit.orgin SVG format, and the winner will get printed on the official conference t-shirt this year. It’s a great honour and ego boost to see your design up there on the conference t-shirt, and as this year is a joint conference with KDE targeting the free software desktop as a whole, there will be added significance.

If you know of any artists & designers who might be interested in submitting a design, please pass this news along – they have only a few days left to make a submission.

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  1. Matteo Settenvini Says:

    Btw, any hope of seeing the final agenda on ? It says it will be posted one month ago… 😐