Running 60km for charity

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Map of the 6000D

Map of the 6000D

This Summer, on July 28th, I’ll be running a 60km mountain trail race in La Plagne in the Alps, the 6000D. And to provide myself with an added incentive, and to give back something to an organisation that has helped my family in the past, I will be raising money for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland in the process.

I’ve got a blog (in both English and French) specifically for the event to cover my training and fundraising activities, and to give people more information about muscular dystrophy and MDI. I’ve posted a first blog post detailing how I got involved in this as well as some information on muscular dystrophy, MDI and the 600D race up there. I have set an ambitious funding goal of €3000 – and you can follow along and donate on right now!

In the coming months, I hope that all my friends and family will help me raise money and donate to this great cause. I’ll periodically post updates here, but primarily I’ll be keeping people up to date on the Run for MDI blog and the 6000dForMdi twitter feed. Yu can also subscribe to a newsletter if you don’t want to visit the site regularly – I’ll send out occasional email updates with what’s been going on.

Please help spread the word, and consider donating to help this great cause!

3 Responses

  1. Dave Says:

    So what do you plans for your pace? 9m/mile ?

  2. Dave Neary Says:

    @Dave: On the flat bits maybe :) It’s not the kind of race where you have a regular pace – you might climb 700m in an hour if it’s steep (as it is between the Col de la Ciaupe and the glacier), and you might only take 20 minutes to go down the same distance. The barriers are: 13h for the return leg from the Col de la Chiaupe (~35km), 15h at La Plagne Bellecôte (~42km) and 18h at the finish line (~60km) – so they’re pretty generous. And from Bellecôte to the finish line is downhill all the way, so depending on how the legs hold up it’s entirely possible I’ll be doing 8 minute miles from there on.

    I’m getting ahead of myself, but looking at the map, I’d expect to be in Aime-La Plagne (15km, +1400m) in under 3 hours, the Roche de Mio (23km, +2150m/-130m) in around 4 hours, and the Glacier de Bellecôte (30km, +2700m/-350) around 5h. That’s the half-way point in distance, but there’s been a lot of climbing! It’s 8km and 1000m tricky descent to the Chalet de Carroley, taking it fairly easy that could be an hour, then the climb to the Arpette (4km, +350m) will take more than half an hour if the legs are good. And then there’s 20km mostly downhill, -1700m, to Aime – again, taking it easy that could take 2h with tired legs. Adding it all up: I hope to do the whole thing in around 9 hours.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Wow, Dave. 60km and a mountain trail … that’s some serious job!!! I will be following your blog. I hope your injury is just some bad drean … all the best for the race.