Tomorrow is the big day

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For those of you who have been keeping an eye out for me in A Coruna this week I’m sorry to be letting you down. Instead of Galicia, I will be in the Alps this weekend, finally running the race I have spent the last 4 months preparing for: the 6000D.

I have written a post about my final preparations, and a fundraising update (I’m running the race in aid of Muscular Dystrophy Ireland, a group near and dear to my heart) over at “Run for MDI”. It’s not too late to make a donation, if you’d like to. Thanks to the support of friends, family and colleagues, we have raised over €1600 so far!

I am sorry to be missing you all – but if anyone wants to follow along tomorrow and check on my progress, you can track me live during the race.

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  1. Dave Neary Says:

    For anyone wondering when they can expect to see me arrive at the different checkpoints, here are my rough estimates (optimistic/pessimistic) for each:
    * Plagne Centre: 8:30/9:00
    * Roche de Mio: 9:40/10:10
    * Glacier: 10:45/11:30
    * Lac du Carroley: 11:45/12:45
    * L’Arpette: 12:10/13:20
    * Plagne Bellecôte: 12:25/13:40
    * Montchavin les Côches: 13:15/14:45
    * Arrivée Aime: 14:15/16:00

    I’m expecting to arrive sometime between 3pm and 4pm.

  2. Bill Toulas Says:

    Good Luck!

  3. Joaquim Rocha Says:

    Hey Dave,

    It’s a shame you’re not coming but I understand.

    Thank you for your guidance and help with the keynotes.

  4. Alison Chaiken Says:

    Wow, you not only completed the distance but were precisely on your pace: congrats!

  5. [Blocked by CFC] Dave Neary Says:

    Thanks! I did slow down a lot towards the end – it wasn’t all downhill, as I had expected, and the legs were a bit heavy at the end.