Gnome 2.8

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I installed Gnome 2.8 yesterday, using the RPMs in the test directory of Fedora‘s download server. To be perfectly honest, I can’t feel much of a difference between this and Gnome 2.6. Then again, I think that’s a good thing. I’ve read the changes for this version, and they’re great. But they’re also not at all in-your-face, which is a big plus.

The biggest improvement for me is the release of Evolution 2.0. I’ve been a big fan of Evolution for a long time now, and I always use it for mail. But in the past few years I’ve started receiving a lot of SPAM mail, and I had to set up my own SPAM filters for Evolution 1.x. It worked, but it was not very convenient. It was also a big hassle to train my SPAM software. Now Evolution 2.0 has this stuff integrated into it, so that if a piece of SPAM is missed by the SPAM filter you can click the “Junk” button to train the filtering software. Other than the junk mail stuff, Evolution 2.0 feels quite a bit faster to me. The startup time is insignificant now, which is great.