Keeping my hands warm with C++ code

2:02 pm hacking

I always feel really cold at my office. Even now during the winter while it’s snowing outside, our air conditioners come on. I guess the office would get sort of warm with all the computers here or something, but when air conditioning comes on during the winter, I get cold. Especially my fingers and my hands. What do I do to warm them up?

Another thing we have at my company is a plugin for Visual Studio called IncrediBuild. It distributes builds across the network so that all the computers in the office will compile your code. It’s like distcc, but for Visual C++.

This really comes in handy to help my cold fingers. Whenever I get too cold, I do an often extremely unnecessary clean and rebuild of the entire project. This kicks the laptop on the left side of my desk into action, and with the extra workload its fans come on and start pumping out lots of heat through the vent on its right side. I just put my fingers up next to the vent. It’s wonderful.

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