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I’ve been setting up a new Scratchbox/Maemo environment on my new Ubuntu partition. I had it setup under Fedora, but I killed my Fedora partition and replaced it with Ubuntu Hoary. I had some problems installing Hoary on this system using the 5.04 ISO, and ended up having to use the previous version, 4.10 Warty, and then upgrade the system to 5.04 Hoary using Synaptic.

Amela came back from Albania recently and had lots of photos, but for some reason couldn’t get the photos off the CD that was given to her. She thought there is a virus on the disc or something, so I took the disc and pulled the images off of it for her. It looked like a fun trip.

Lesley has moved to El Paso. I talked to her before she moved there and she was very excited about it. I keep meaning to call now that she’s been there a couple weeks and find out how it is. She’s teaching violin and viola and helping Ben Loeb get his new chamber orchestra started, as far as I understand. Sounds exciting!

I moved out of Baltimore around the same time Lesley was leaving Santa Barbara, but I haven’t reached my final destination yet. I took a break to hang out in Texas with some friends and family right now. I’m leaving for Florida next week to get back into music more. I’m pretty excited about that. Ralph is teaching here now, and that was what made me interested in going there. So I’ll be preparing for orchestral auditions with Ralph, and doing some chamber music and orchestra stuff there.

I’ve been reading through some chamber music stuff with Amirosh and Kelly a little bit recently, and yesterday we read through a Brahms piano quartet with Elena Tsvetkova. We’re thinking about maybe doing a concert here in December sometime. Amirosh and I are also interested still in trying to do another concert around that time