Medsphere Widgets Released

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Nobody else at work has blogged on planet about this yet, so I figure I’ll go ahead and post it. Medsphere has just made the first release of Medsphere Widgets under LGPL 2.0. This includes CPaned, FBox (a “flow” container), GridView (managed Excel-like grid widget), and Graph (managed 2d graph widget using Cairo).

Graph Demo

Berlin GTK+ Hackfest 2008!

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Planning for the Berlin GTK+ Hackfest is underway! Behdad has been organizing stuff by email, and Mathias is working on finding a venue for it to happen at.

Things that are on the agenda:

  • Release planning
  • GIO hacking in GTK+
  • Canvas discussion
  • Generic HTML widget
  • GObject introspection stuff
  • D-Bus and GSettings
  • Session management

Should be really interesting and a lot of fun. And I’m excited because I’ve never been there, and I get to see a friend of mine that I went to school with! 🙂

Emmanuele created a Wiki page and I’ve added some information there, such as who is planning to attend. If you are on that list and are not planning to attend, make sure to let Behdad know and remove yourself from the wiki page. Otherwise, everyone on there please add your travel information to the table as it becomes available, or if you don’t have a wiki account and don’t want one then email me and I’ll add your info.

Sponsors for the Berlin hackfest 2008 are: