The Raconteurs

3:38 pm General

Megan and I went to the House of Blues in Dallas last night for the Raconteurs concert there. It was really awesome! Birds of Avalon opened for them. I had never heard of them before, but I thought they were okay. They had a funny gimmick where they have these little plastic birds, that I guess are battery powered since their wings could flap quickly, and the lead singer would turn them on and throw them out into the audience during one of the big instrumental sections of one song near the end. The Raconteurs came out later and it was the best show.. they did some stuff from their first album, and the new album, and a few songs that they have never recorded yet. Lots of fun. And House of Blues is a cool place, except that they charge you $5 for a can of beer.

Raconteurs poster

I picked up a concert poster for it while I was there, of course.

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