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I feel like the only person who isn’t so excited by the N900. It looks like a beautiful device, and it’s built on the current Maemo platform that I’ve always liked and there’s so much to be excited about. But I’m not.

I feel like we’ve been wanting Nokia to make this device since Maemo was first released. They released an Internet tablet, and I figured maybe it’s just to get the platform out the door. Fine. But then they release another Internet tablet, and then another. They were cool devices, but I had no use for them. I just never wanted to carry around yet another device.

So now they release what I’ve been wanting for all this time, but on a platform that they’ve already declared is a dead end. Am I missing something, or does this feel very pointless?

I’m not trying to start any discussion about the toolkits, that’s not at all the point. It’s just confusing that they would never make a useful device that anyone really cares about until after they’ve declared an end to the platform. Now that they have a device I want to buy, there’s no point in buying it since it appears to has no future.

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  1. robsta Says:

    Well I think there’s a number of issues that don’t necessarily have to do with each other.

    The N900 looks slick, both outside and “inside”/sorftware wise. Which is good.

    Nokia just had to release this now, they were getting way behind on the high end market.

    Some high manager decided that the future platform was QT. Well, not entirely unexpected since they bought Trolltech.

    But agreed, all the celebrations on p.g.o leave a stale aftertaste, because it’s essentially a farewell to the platform in its current form.

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