Gtk# 2.12.3 Win32 installer

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There’s been a lot of talk on the Gtk# mailing lists about the lack of a 2.12 installer for Win32. I finally took the time to roll a new MSI installer for Gtk# 2.12.3. But Medsphere is not using Gtk# 2.12, and we’re not planning to use it any time soon so I don’t think we really want to provide support for 2.12, or for 2.14 once it comes out, until we’re actually using them.

My long-term plan has been that I want to get distributing its own official msi/msm installers for each component of the stack. Then other projects, such as gtk# or any gtk+ app, could consume the msm installers for their own msi containers.

Boston Summit is coming up pretty soon, and Brad and I plan to take the opportunity there to try to get Medsphere’s installer code into shape to do this and then push it into an upstream svn module, probably on Gnome’s svn.