Attending GUADEC 2018

As everyone, I have a big list of dreams I wish I could turn into reality. This 6th of July one of them became true: Attending an open source conference:

My opportunity comes with GUADEC 2018, an event on Almeria, where distance (I live on Spain) and schedule (it was during the weekend) allows me to assist.

I use some of my holidays to attend, and didn’t stay all the days (have no free days to be there all time) so if you’re wondering: yes, you don’t need to stay all days to have a great experience.

The costs? Flight, hotel… for me was a complicated decision, but been a member of GNOME foundation you can be sponsored to attend this kind of events, so if you have been in a situation trying to explain why you’re involved in open source, this is for sure an argument.

Collecting goodies


Almeria, such a beautiful place

There’s a lot of things to be afraid of, and lot of doubts when you do it for the first time, so if you’re deciding to go to one let me tell you what it is like.

First, these days, all conferences start earlier than the first day on schedule, due to social media like twitter, telegram, IRC… So join those channels, say Hi, get involved, and try to be aware of what it would be, that will give you confidence and a rough idea of where to go, and what to do.

Getting the GUADEC bus

As you can imagine there’s always need for volunteering, helping hands, dinners to organize… try to contribute and be proactive, there’s always a gap you can fill.

An improvised theatre play in “La Alcazaba”  


Organizing a big dinner at the end of conference days  

During the conference, listen carefully, ask questions, stretch some hands of people you really admire, make it memorable.

Benjamin Otte sharing thoughts about Gtk 4


Corentin and Christian talking about Builder

During the unconference days, you can join to workshops and BoF (Birds of a Feather: Informal meetings about projects you’re or want to be involved)

BoF with Purism team

Results of BoF about Librem5:

Send good vibes all around, try to create a group where people can feel comfortable, in a relaxed situation, many unexpected things could happen, be open to new ideas, enjoy all the journey.

I commit you to spread on social media, people need to know how cool is all that.

Remember you are traveling, find your time to discover the city, be a tourist!

There’s always room for some sport, running to the port


visiting Almeria

I really enjoyed attending GUADEC, and here you will find only some highlights, but there was a lot more. (Have to try yourself)

Now for me, the regular days chatting at IRC evoke all the good things I experiment there, and that change everything:

See you in next event!


Finding the right time to jump in

it’s been a while since I collaborate on open source. I love to help others to dive into free software but never have been in a conference, nor give one myself.

The past month I hear about ubucon europe 27th 28th 29th of april 2018 in gijon spain, which happens to be my city.

With all the hype on ubuntu 17.10 return to gnome, I decided to take my chance and give a talk about GNOME Newcomers initiative, which you can enjoy here:

I give too a workshop to learn how to use GNOME Builder, and get a lot of feedback to improve it from the user perspective. Slides here

Main purpose is to show people that we are trying to make contribute to open source as easy as (clone, build, hack, run, merge request):

Attending a conference (as visitor or speaker) is a great way to stay tuned an meet great people. I encourage you to assist any little event around you, or try to organize one. In the end is just people sharing ideas and being part of a community, and it feels amazing.