Finding the right time to jump in

it’s been a while since I collaborate on open source. I love to help others to dive into free software but never have been in a conference, nor give one myself.

The past month I hear about ubucon europe 27th 28th 29th of april 2018 in gijon spain, which happens to be my city.

With all the hype on ubuntu 17.10 return to gnome, I decided to take my chance and give a talk about GNOME Newcomers initiative, which you can enjoy here:

I give too a workshop to learn how to use GNOME Builder, and get a lot of feedback to improve it from the user perspective. Slides here

Main purpose is to show people that we are trying to make contribute to open source as easy as (clone, build, hack, run, merge request):

Attending a conference (as visitor or speaker) is a great way to stay tuned an meet great people. I encourage you to assist any little event around you, or try to organize one. In the end is just people sharing ideas and being part of a community, and it feels amazing.