Too far…

Almost everybody had some boss that was too exigent about how you spend your work time, but this time it got too far! This is the backtrace I’ve got from epiphany several times:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
(gdb) bt
#0  ephy_node_db_is_immutable (db=0x854f2c0)
at /build/buildd/epiphany-browser-2.22.0/lib/ephy-node-db.c:174
#1  0x080a7ad9 in resolver_found_cb (resolver=0x8507240, interface=3,
protocol=GA_PROTOCOL_INET, name=0x951d5d8 "Richard Hult",
type=0x9229338 "_http._tcp", domain=0x9705e98 "local",
host_name=0x9166308 "Celery.local", address=0xbfa12944,
port=<value optimized out>, txt=0x883a960, flags=4, data=0x8547620)
at /build/buildd/epiphany-browser-2.22.0/src/bookmarks/ephy-bookmarks.c:979
#2  0xb7f86fbf in ga_signals_marshal_VOID__INT_ENUM_STRING_STRING_STRING_STRING_POINTER_INT_POINTER_INT () from /usr/lib/

Please, at least let me browse API docs and repositories, I promise I’ll behave!

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