calling Melbourne Python and Perl programmers

InfoxchangeFor the last couple of months I’ve been working for Infoxchange, a not-for-profit that provides technology to other not for profit. I’ve been working in the webapp development team, where we mostly work on webapps in the health and community sector using both Perl (for the older stuff) and Python/Django (for the newer stuff).

The government didn’t really work out for me, so this is a nice change. It’s relaxed, people wear jeans to work. We have fair trade tea and coffee and a delivery of CSA fruit every week.

It is busy though. We’ve got a lot going on, and not enough people to do it, so we’re looking for more. So if you’re a committed, talented Perl, Python or Web/Javascript programmer or devops who is in (or willing to move to) Melbourne, who wants to make a difference, you should get in touch with me. The pay is good (you will not be working for peanuts) and the team is fun.

We love open source, we contribute upstream, we have an organisation Github account. You can run what you want on your desktop. Developers have technical ownership over their work. Development is Agile.

Some technologies we love are Perl, Mojolicious, Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Less, NodeJS, AngularJS, Github, Puppet, Debian and PostgreSQL. If you love any of those too, you should totally get in touch. If you love more technologies, bring those along too.

Author: Danielle

Danielle is an Australian software engineer, computer scientist and feminist. She doesn't really work on GNOME any more (sadly). Opinions and writing are solely her own and so not represent her employer, the GNOME Foundation, or anyone else but herself.