What happens ats Serras stays ats Serras

SerLUG event poster

SerLUG, this year turns 5 years old. They celebrate it with a day conference and after night party on March 11th, 2013. I was invited to present something for many reasons:

1. They’re very close friends of mine but also of openSUSE community.
2. They wanted a smiple presentation about how to use GNOME and what is unique on openSUSE. The reason of a simple presentation was the audience. They expected mostly windows users and they wanted many of them to join and help SerLUG.
3. Promote openSUSE conference.

I was told by the organizers that my presentation was helpful to the new users.
I had some promo DVDs of 12.2 (100 more or less), some brochures of how to contact Greek Community. There was a draw of a T-shirt.

Lucky T-shirt winner

I was surprised by the audience. At the end of my presentation I promoted openSUSE conference, why they should come and what are the benefits. I explained how to register but the audience wrote on a paper their names and e-mails to contact them with the exact registration procedure. I’ll do that by the end of the week.

Well, now the interesting part. After the event, we had time to celebrate their 5 years. Traditional tavern, “harlem” cake 😉 (see the pictures).


But the night wasn’t over. There was after party…

I’m not going to tell you!!!
What happens ins Serras stays ins Serras.

Some pictures from my presentation:

Presenting GNOME 3.6

Presenting GNOME 3.6

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SerLUG Facebook event page
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My presentaton

PS: For those of you that don’t understand “ins Serras”, it’s a local idiom. City’s name is Serres.