New text entry field with focus indication and icons

12:06 pm New features

A new address entry widget which supports focus indication and multiple draggable icons on either side of the entry improves Epiphany’s GNOME integration.
Demonstration of the icon entry

Demonstration of icon entry in Epiphany

4 Responses

  1. Gerrit Posthumus Says:

    Wil this be in for gnome 2.12 release

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. christian Says:

    why 1 of the 3 icons on the border of the window is modified?


  4. Dave Says:

    It looks like it’s just an alternate button order for metacity (Go to /apps/metacity/general in gconf-editor, and look for the button_layout key)

    A lot of people like having the close button and the other buttons on opposite sides of the window, so as to make misclicks harmless. (i.e. no closing a window when you want to minimize or maximize)