Epiphany tidbits

9:49 am New features

A quick entry this time. With GNOME 2.13.2, a new Epiphany release 1.9.2 (NEWS), went by without much fanfare. A fairly large number of people have contributed to this release, thanks to everyone involved! Epiphany-extensions 1.9.2 (NEWS) has seen the light of day as well.

Notable change in this release is the fact that Epiphany now compiles against XULRunner, which, opens a perspective on a standalone version of Epiphany that doesn’t require Mozilla or Firefox to be installed.

In the mean time on the Epiphany list, there’s a lively discussion on a redesign of the Add Bookmark/Bookmark Properties dialogues, and about using a database backend for history and bookmarks, which would be faster and easier extendable than it is now.

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