A new stabler stable release

7:19 pm New features

Epiphany 2.16.3 is out and it’s probably the most stable edition in the “stable” 2.16 series! A nasty crash when deleting bookmarks has been worked around (thanks to dieguito!) so
please stop
filing bug reports
this problem with
bug-buddy , ok? 🙂

Of course, development for the GNOME 2.18 is well underway. Noticeable changes in the last development releases are mostly visual polish and stability improvements: the themed icon support is now (almost) complete, favicons and page titles are now shown in the address bar dropdown, a problem with the browser history and the deskbar applet has been resolved, and last but not least, the Epiphany Adblock extension is now configurable through the graphical user interface!

Because of a harddisk replacement I don’t have any screenshots of these nice improvements ready right now, but feel free to contribute one…

Before I forget: info about obtaining Epiphany is on the downloads page.

2 Responses

  1. Pavel Kanzelsberger Says:

    Is it possible to add option in Preferences to display text “Epiphany” in window title? Right now there’s only page name displayed and thus it’s impossible for me to use Griffin PowerMate for scrolling in Epiphany, since gizmod daemon identifies windows by their titles. This works perfect with Flock/Firefox but I can’t do this with Epiphany and I’d really love to! Thanks!

  2. ReinoutS Says:

    Epiphany doesn’t display its own name on purpose, since it’s a document oriented application (or tries to be as close as possible). However someone maybe could write an epiphany extension that does what you want. I suggest you ask on the mailing list.