Foresight and Epilicious

6:55 pm Announcements, New features

Yesterday, Thilo Pfennig told us some great news: The upcoming release of Foresight Linux will have Epiphany as default browser! And it’s not the only distro doing so: Arch Linux also prefers Epiphany over other Gecko-based browsers. 🙂

Furthermore, at long last, Magnus Therning’s Epilicious extension has been included in Epiphany-extensions 2.17.92. This means that keeping your bookmarks in sync with Epiphany is now easier than ever!

Since the last blog entry, some new Epiphany development releases have made it to the FTP mirrors. The bug fixes have been mostly cosmetic, but at least one crasher with D-BUS 1.0.2 has been fixed thanks to Jan de Groot.

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