Epiphany & Epiphany-Extensions 2.19.2

11:13 pm Announcements

It’s been awhile since the last blog, but Epiphany hasn’t been standing still!

Since the 2.18.0 release, there have been quite some improvements:

  • Support using named icons in the toolbareditor and attach them to the mouse pointer while dragging them to the toolbar. Fixes bug #436684.
  • Make Shift+Return find previous when searching. Fixes bug #412033
  • Copy the items on the completion list as the user moves through them. The original input can be restored pressing Esc. The tentative
    completion can be made definitive pressing Left or Right. Fixes #409291, #102528

  • Use xdg-user-dirs to get a better default Downloads. Fixes #415342
  • Middle clicking the Go button should open the location bar address
    content in a new tab. Fixes #362591.

  • Fix printing of frames.
  • Allow the user to select a different bookmark topic on the toolbar by just moving the mouse. Old behaviour forced the user to click each
    topic button to activate the menu, now only the first click is required. Fixes #363848.

  • In Epiphany-Extensions, a localization problem and a configuration dialog problem with Epilicious have been fixed.

Contributors to this release:
Felix Riemann, Diego Escalante Urrelo, Robin Stocker, Xan Lopez, Bastien Nocera, John Millikin, Christian Persch, Magnus Therning

Updated translations:
Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó, Luca Ferretti, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Jakub Friedl, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Jorge Gonzalez, Reinout van Schouwen, Stéphane Raimbault, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle, Gabor Kelemen, Pema Geyleg, Takeshi AIHANA, Daniel Nylander, Christophe Merlet, Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Kjartan Maraas, Mişu Moldovan, Hendrik Richter, Goran Rakić, I Felix, Djihed Afifi

We should not forget to mention here that one Google Summer of Code project was accepted, called: Integrating Epiphany Bookmarks and Browsing History For GNOME-wide Access! Imran Patel is the student who will be working on this. Good luck Imran!

6 Responses

  1. Footsteps Says:

    Is there a way yet to disable the Warning dialog when closing unedited forms? Especially when they’re not actually edited? ;) For example, maps.google.com and every forum software known to man.

  2. ReinoutS Says:


  3. Footsteps Says:

    It’s bugs like this (from 2004!) that make me wonder if anyone actually uses Epiphany. I gave it a go for over 6 months but this bug’s continued existence finally beat me down and I gave up.

  4. ReinoutS Says:

    This issue doesn’t bother me much, but we sure could use some help fixing bugs…

  5. Diego Escalante Urrelo Says:

    Ephy p0wnz.

  6. Victor Says:

    How about adding suggestions to the spell check feature??

    BTW, love the browser’s simplicity… Great job!!! ;)