Epiphany 2.20.2 out

12:46 am Announcements

It’s been way too long since an “official” Epiphany blog. Anyway, here are a few highlights to keep you up to date.

As Wouter noted already, Epiphany 2.20.2 is out. We even have a proper NEWS file this time! It includes a few notable bug fixes, for example in the areas of printing and session recovery.

On the GNOME 2.21 side of things it has been a bit quiet, but rest assured that work is continuing. A lot of refactoring work is taking place to bring the Gecko and Webkit back-ends on equal footing.

But even though Epiphany is “awesome“, please keep in mind there are still lots of open bugs in bugzilla, so anybody who wants to help out, come on, don’t be shy! 🙂

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